6 Ways To Pray All Day

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Life is busy and hard most days, but as a Christian prayer is your privilege to communicate with your Heavenly Father. God comforts us, empowers us, and guides us through prayer.

However, prayer does not always mean you are on your knees at the foot of your bed. Prayer can take many forms. God desires a relationship with you. Relationships happen all day long not just in the morning during your quiet time or at night before you go to bed.

Different ways to worship and pray

When I wrote iNeed God ~ daily downloads for your heart, I interviewed people for each chapter. One question for each person was “how did they spend time with God?” They all shared different answers.

Below is not a complete list of all the ways you can pray. However, this list will help you think differently about spending time with God. It does not have to be the same way every time. There is no one right way or wrong way to spend time with God in prayer and reading His word. Find some ways to keep your spiritual life inspiring. Make time with Your Father the most essential part of your life.

Six ways to spend time in prayer with God:

1) Sing and Pray with worship music.

Singing is one of my favorite ways to worship God and to help me focus on Him.

Pray through as you sing a song. Pray the words as you sing, or listen to the music.

Put your focus on Him, and not the words of the song. He does not care if you are off key or mess up the lyrics. This moment is about focusing on Him!

Music may not be your thing. God created us all with different desires and interest. Find another way to put your focus on God!

2) Pray as you go about your day.

  • For the person broken down on the side of the road.
  • For the coworker talking about their lousy marriage or relationship.
  • For your clients or customers.
  • For the incredibly slow sales clerk checking you out at the store.
  • For anyone bringing you irritation throughout the day.
  • For those who ask for prayer
  • For your friends or family, as you see them post requests online.
  • For anyone who crosses your path.

3) Pray immediately.

On some occasions, I have stopped at work or while visiting to pray with a friend, because we are discussing a difficult situation they are dealing with. I ask if I can pray for them. People are often affected by the simple act of stopping and praying.

Instead of saying I will pray for you, stop and take a moment to lift them up to the Lord then.

4) Pray without ceasing.

This means have a continuous conversation with God. Bring Him along for the good, the bad, and the ugly. He has the power to help you all day long!

Instead of panicking or stressing out when something happens, take it to Jesus first, and let him help you deal with it! Ask for his wisdom and peace on how to handle the situation.

Disclaimer: Often I have what I call a temporary “freak out” moment when something bad happens, and then take it to Jesus. Sometimes it is discouraging news, and I need to have a short “pity party” before I take it to Jesus. We are human. We have feelings and emotions to work through. God did not say don’t react or respond, but to cast all our cares on Him for he cares for us!

5) Keep a prayer journal.

Writing or typing out your prayers help keep you focused on what you are doing. I personally like to type my journal, because I type faster than I write. It keeps my flow of thoughts going, and I am able to stay focused during my time with God.

If you are like me, you have many people to pray for. If you pray for every person every single day, you may never make it to work or take the kids to school. What I did is I set up different categories for the people I pray for, and then I chose certain days I pray for specific categories. Some people I pray every day as God prompts my heart. If someone is on my mind, I will pray for them.

Use this as a guideline to help you, but don’t get stuck in the mire of keeping up with it. I use Evernote (a program you can put on your computer or an app you can use on your device. You can search YouTube videos on how to use Evernote) I have a note for each category, and then I tag each note the days I will pray for the category. For example…. I pray for my side of the family on Monday and Friday. So, I tag the note Monday & Friday.

Here are a few suggestions for Categories:

Immediate Family – For me, this is my husband, son and daughter-in-law.
Urgent Request – I pray for these daily. Someone having surgery etc…
Family – Extended. I pray for my side of the family one day, and for my husband’s side of the family another day.
Church Family – Sunday School Class, all the ministers and church staff
The Lost – I pray to be a light to those who I know do not know Jesus, and to be open to seeing others who may need Him.
Schools – My son’s school and others in the area
Our nation – I pray over specific problems, as well as our country as a whole.
Personal – I pray for the burdens and situations of my life.

Your list may look different than mine, but the point is to make your prayer time intentional and pray for specific needs and requests.

6) Be Still.

Sit in a quiet place in your home. No TV, phone, email, text.  Nothing. Just You and God.  Let your mind and body sit quietly and listen to God speak to your heart. Sometimes I start my quiet time like this, and sometimes I end my time with God like this. Or if I am really struggling with a decision or a situation, I will stop and share with God my struggle. Then I will quietly wait to hear from him. Sometimes I do, and sometimes I do not.

The point is if we are so busy talking “to” God we will never hear from God.  Sometimes I ride in the quiet in the car to listen to God.

It is my prayer this list will inspire you to try some different thing as you spend time with God. You were designed by God to connect with Him in many different ways.  Don’t be afraid to try something new. He wants to hear from you! No request is too small or too big! You are His child and He is NEVER too busy for you!

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