Bring Unity To Our Community and Country

Bring Unity To Our Community & Our Country, Roberta Fauntroy, Ramona Franklin, Joyce Glass, Middle Georgia Christian Voice, Middle Georgia

What would the world be like if we love and respect others different from us? God did not ask us all to agree, but to love and respect each other. How can we create unity in our church, community, and country?

Roberta Fauntroy interviewed Ramona Franklin of Milledgeville, GA and Joyce Glass of Eatonton, GA on her radio program. The Holy Spirit took over our conversation. We desire to see unity in our country which begins in our community and our churches.

We commemorate the Birth of Jesus Christ as a Savior and a Global Change Agent, creating a worldwide body of believers to dwell together in unity. 

Listen to our interview to see how you can bring unity in your church and community!

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Joyce Glass was born and raised a Georgia girl in Marietta, Ga. She has lived in almost every corner of the state, but Middle Ga by far is her favorite. Her creative path turned to writing in 2010 when she felt called to write by God. After taking four years to write her first book, she wanted to find a simpler way to help other writers start and complete their books. She became The Write Coach in 2016 when people began turning to her for help. Currently, she hosts the podcast, The Write Hour ~ Nonfiction Tips From The Write Coach, and helps her clients birth their books. However, she missed writing about her faith. Middle Georgia Christian Voice is the perfect combination of her gift of writing, her passion for sharing the love of God, and connecting with the community. She and Elaina are excited to be a light and voice for Christ in Middle Georgia!

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