FCA South Florida Lacrosse: More Than Just a Sports Program

It’s not everyday that we encounter a ministry that not only encourages camaraderie and sportsmanship among children, but also promotes family ties and a strong faith in God.

In the summer of 2013, three local coaches, Chris Southard from Palm Beach Atlantic University, Brett VanAlstyne from King’s Academy, and Justin Moe, wanted to establish a faith-based product that would not only impact the vibrant lacrosse community, but also the families in Palm Beach. This gave birth to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) South Florida Lacrosse Ministry.

The FCA South Florida Lacrosse Ministry is for any athlete, coach, fan or friend of the FCA Lacrosse community who loves lacrosse and who has an openness and desire to grow in his or her relationship with God. FCA Lacrosse is an organization committed to developing “three dimensional” athletes and coaches who want to fulfill their potential physically, mentally and spiritually. Despite several similar programs already available in Palm Beach, the founders are confident that FCA South Florida Lacrosse will be different since they are providing more than just a lacrosse program.

FCA South Florida Lacrosse is governed by three core values: Faith, Family, and Excellence.

FCA South Florida Lacrosse is governed by three core values: Faith, Family, and Excellence. With a great vision of offering a fun and faith-based activity to high school students, the FCA South Florida Lacrosse Ministry opened its first camp in January 2014 with over 35 kids in attendance. For the ministry’s first summer camp, they were able to field six teams and played in three tournaments. Even though they have just begun early this year, they are already reaching kids as far as Vero and Southern Palm Beach County.

What’s amazing with FCA South Florida Lacrosse is that during practice and at tournaments, the coaches lead their teams in fellowship. Everyone is given the opportunity to share what is going on their lives and their faith walk. Huddles are more than just strategizing on how to win the game; it’s a time to openly talk about faith and God. Coaches and players pray before and after the games, not only for themselves but also for everyone. FCA playersOver the summer, they had the awesome opportunity to pray with other teams after the game. Win or lose, the players learn the value of sportsmanship and celebrate the victory of having a great game.

People watching the game see that the ministry is about family, and you can see that behind every jersey. Each season starts off and ends with a family barbecue, hoping that these little acts of fellowship will help strengthen the families in the community. Coach Suds recently started a Fathers’ Luncheon where Dads get together to learn, listen, and become better fathers for their families.

FCA South Florida Lacrosse aims to grow as a FCA family by including everyone who wants to be involved. Since the ministry is dealing with kids, they hope that they will make a positive impact to their players, helping them to be great men in the future. The ministry plans to organize projects where they can get out of the community and make a difference.

For those interested to reach or support FCA South Florida Lacrosse, please visit their website at www.fcalaxsoflo.com.




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