For Women Only!

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Fill Your Cup

Women are givers by nature. We give in our homes, our jobs, and in the community. Many women spend much of their time at church serving in some capacity. Lakeside Church at Lake Oconee pours into women to fill them up with God’s love and time with other women. Two years ago they decided to give women all over our community an opportunity to worship in an atmosphere created for women.

Quarterly they plan a different event for women only. For the Fall Quarter, they hosted a Fashion Show featuring local businesses and vendors on October 25th. Last year they were inspired with the idea for a Fashion Show created when Mandy Thompson and Bethany Thompson Woods started a clothing business. Lakeside Women’s ministry wanted to embrace their new business endeavor along with entertaining women and reaching out to the community while enjoying the lighthearted fun.

The Fashion Show was a fun night. I attended by myself, and from the moment I walked in the door, there was a warm welcome and high-energy atmosphere. The atrium adorned a pink chandelier in the center with a place for each vendor to show their collections along the walls. There were many delicious desserts in the center from Sweets By Susan.

Time To Worship

I sat next to a member of Lakeside. She and I had a great time getting to know each other throughout the night, and we had fun raising our hands in worship praising God together. You could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit moving throughout the attendees.

Jenn Bryan coordinates the event with her team of nine, and their mission is to bring opportunity for a deeper level of growth in women’s spiritual lives, to bring breakthrough and freedom in certain areas, and the ability for women to be seen and heard. A chance to slow down and let go the cares of this world to focus on the Savior. Women speak into the lives of other women as an example for them and lead in worship.

Lakeside creates a feminine atmosphere with a focus on gifting. Each person received a white gift bag with my favorite hot pink tissue paper including a few snacks, water, and some other goodies for the evening. Each of the vendors offered a special for the evening. They offer a way to make each woman feel loved, touched, and come away with something filling their love tank up. Are you familiar with the Five Love Languages book? Everyone has a few ways they feel loved the most. On this night women are given oxygen to fill their love tank from the worship, food, and attention to fill up their depleted hearts, mind, body and souls.

All Women Invited!

Each event the attendance has grown once people understood Lakeside invites all women of the community to attend. Our church has embraced this ministry to love on women each quarter. The pastors and men of the church help set up, hang the pink chandelier, offer a greeting as we come in, and watch over the parking lot as we leave.

Jenn has men of the church asking her how they can serve because they want to be a part of the atmosphere of worship. It is a huge plus to have men willing to serve because they are needed physically for their strong arms to help set up and take down.

The Best Part 

I asked Jenn, “What is your favorite part about creating the event?”

Her answer:

“The expectation of seeing women being set free from labels. Having breakthrough moments knowing they don’t have to be tied down to things holding them back, like fear, anxiety, and self-hate. Often, we do not see the fruit of the night at the moment. The testimonies come out in side conversations. You have no idea, ‘My sister was there and…’ 

Being in a room with women free to worship and sing to their God. What is heartbreaking and the reality is the same women who sing out loud, raise their hands, and have a smile on their face is the same woman on Sunday who goes to church standing next to her husband hands down, face lowered and quiet. It just makes me wonder what makes you so different or more comfortable in one atmosphere as opposed to the other. Sometimes it is the atmosphere you set, and the expectations are set opposed to what happens. 

Going Deeper

We are called to be side-by-side, sharpening each other, and challenging one another both in relational in our marriages and in different things. Equipping women to know how they can fight their battles when they go home. 

I would love to go into deeper stuff. Laying groundwork and being prepared to take action with women when you go deeper like miscarriages, divorce, and death of a spouse or child. Deep-seated, hard things we deal with. Even past relationships. Things of shame. Bring light to those shameful hard places then satan no longer has power or authority to reign in them. I really want to tear a light into those places.

 I really believe in Isaiah 61 where you are setting captives free. You are creating an atmosphere for a breakthrough to happen for the heart of these women to change. I really do believe when the heart of a woman changes she begins to change the heart of her home which then begins to change the heart of a community. I think that is where our next generation is going to develop. 

Women are meant to birth things. They are meant to carry things and multiply things. We are great carriers for multiplying the kingdom of heaven, because not only are we mothers we are strong warriors when we grasp the truth inside of us. I think this is why the enemy attacks women so harshly and hard because he knows what we are capable of doing and what we are designed to do. The enemy wants to shut women down in the churches and in the communities and he wants to shut them down in their homes. Then if they are ineffective then nothing happens. This is not a call to salvation. It is a call to your destiny in what you have been called to do as a woman of God.” 

To Be Seen And Heard

Lakeside Church, Jenn Bryan, and with her team of nine pray over the events and plan them together. They desire women to come away being seen and heard. Take the opportunity to go to a different level with God. Giving women space for a breakthrough, and finding the freedom they need in every aspect of their life. Lakeside prays you find what God is saying to you, about you, through you, and to you.

Click Here To Watch The FASHION Show!

You can watch the Fashion Show here on their Facebook page to see the great combinations and figure out where you want to shop this season

Learn more about each of the vendors who participated here:

Thank You, Vendors, for helping create a fun evening!

Mark YOUR Calendar!!!

We will post the event on our Event’s Page when more information is Available.
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