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There is much division in our world. However, you always see people coming together when disaster strikes, whether it is fires, tornadoes, or hurricanes. When tragedy hits, people will come together, and forget about political, spiritual, and racial differences. Tragedy does not discriminate.

It is even better to see people come together when it is simply to help each other out to clean, paint, repair, or spend time with the often forgotten people of our town, the elderly.


Georgia College and State University created a mandatory community project for the first time for all the incoming freshman as a way of embracing their new community and hopes some of them will stay after they graduate. GCSU reached out to partner with Keep Milledgeville Baldwin Beautiful organization to facilitate the building projects.

Ashely Bacon, the director of KMBB, coordinated the event with the help of many volunteers, GCSU faculty and staff. KMBB is on a mission “to establish and maintain an effort in the community to preserve our natural beauty, protect our environment, prevent blight, improve public lands and make our community a safe and healthy place to live.”



For someone who is not a morning person, waking up early on a Saturday morning for GC Gives day was a big deal. A large cup of green tea and my protein shake infused me with energy to make it out the door. I have never actually been on the GCSU campus. When I pulled up to see the large crowd of blue GC Gives t-shirts on the freshman class, it was a beautiful sight to witness. The energy from the students after a long week of pledging sororities and fraternities invigorated the adults around them.

Giving Time & Talents

Before we headed off for our locations, a couple of people from the college and community shared words of inspiration to the students. What a great way to start their college life by giving their time and talents to help others in the community.

I recently moved to Milledgeville area, and I love the great sense of community this town has in the civic organizations like Milledgeville Exchange Club, Rotary Club, the Jaycee’s, and even in the church I am attending. The sermon on Sunday was about bringing unity to our community. 

For a few hours on an unusually cool August morning, 1500+ GSCU students, and numerous volunteers took time to work together to Keep Milledgeville Baldwin Beautiful in over 47 different locations. It energized Elaina and me to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

Even more, fun was watching these kids whom most of them are living away from home for the first time in their life really jump in and hustle. Some were even entertaining. One petite young lady had never used a pressure washer before, and she would scream every time she turned it on. It was hilarious to watch her small frame trying to tame the stream of water!

Making New Connections! 

I had the pleasure of working with a young lady from my hometown of Marietta, Georgia, and we even graduated from the same high school, George Walton Comprehensive High School! Nicole Adkison was a joy to get to know, and fun to learn about her dreams and goals.

What I find most interesting about working on a project is the new people you get to meet, and you get to know other people even better. Elaina and I had fun working with this group!

What does Keep Milledgeville Baldwin Beautiful do?

You may wonder what does KMBB do for us? Ashley shared with me, “We are the community’s leading advocate for building a cleaner and greener place to live, work and play. We’ve been instrumental in implementing the community’s first public recycling at the Oconee River Greenway. In the entire public school district, we implemented recycling making our community one of less than ten in the state of Georgia who can boast such an endeavor.  This is a major win for economic development.”

You can support KMBB by donating your time or money. Be mindful of recycling in your home, and making sure to throw trash away in a trash can properly. Please don’t litter in parking lots or throw things out of your car. Learn how you can help support KMBB and be involved in their activities around town at Keep Milledgeville Baldwin Beautiful.

Making History

GC Gives day made history as the largest outreach project in our community. Ashley Bacon and the team of people organizing this event orchestrated it beautifully. When you drive through town and see all the breathtaking beauty in this area, remember Ashely and Keep Milledgeville Baldwin Beautiful work tirelessly to keep our community this way. I am thankful for all their efforts. It was an exhausting task with great rewards.

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