Let Your Voice Be Known! Time To Vote!

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November is a special time in the lives of Americans everywhere. With the beginning of the holiday season where we come together with our friends and family to show our appreciation for one another, and the time when we show appreciation for our country and do one of the most patriotic things we can do: vote on our representatives. Let your voice be known, and take the time to vote!

The winners go on to be our fighters in government and our line of defense to keep policies affecting us in a negative way or advocates for policies beneficial to us. As a citizen, you can only hope the person you elect will genuinely fight for you and what you need. How then can you be sure you have done all you can to preserve your livelihood and the rights you hold dear? There is only one answer: Participate and Vote.

Be An Informed Citizen! 

Recently, I heard many people talk about how “uninformed” they feel about this election. My only advice to them is to research the candidates to be informed. A brief overview of the candidate’s positions from a trusted source will be extremely helpful and has been for me in the past.

I would consider myself an informed person about the values I hold dear, but I know I do not understand every candidate’s positions. Finding credible sources to research candidates was especially helpful when I changed my voter registration from my hometown to Milledgeville.

Know Your Position On The Issues

Another helpful piece of information at the polls is you do not have to vote on every office or amendment. I voted for the first time two years ago at 18 years old when I would have considered myself less informed if not very uninformed.

I didn’t realize I did not have to vote on all the issues or offices, and I left feeling disappointed in myself I didn’t know about half of who and what I was voting for on the ballot. If you feel led to leave something blank, there is nothing to prevent you from doing so, but I do want to stress to know your position on an issue before heading to the polls.

Vote Your Values

Middle Georgia Christian Voice is urging you to vote your values on November 6th. The voting season comes prior to the holiday season and is a stressful time for all. After voting a few times, I see the importance and want to keep participating in my civic duty whenever I have the chance. I often take for granted I was born in America and have the privilege to vote. I finally realize how incredibly fortunate I am to have a say in who governs me. I encourage everyone to vote to remember it is your privilege and your right to vote.

Happy voting!!

We found a great way to gain some information about each of the candidates and amendments. Learn more about the amendments in the article from The Telegraph article – Georgia’s 5 Amendments. The article breaks down what each amendment is about, and what changes would take place.

Easy Instructions: Click on the Sample Ballot button for your town. Choose -> Continue with Zip code. Then choose November 6th General Election option.

If you live in a different town, then choose to put in your address instead of Continue With Zip Code, and the sample ballot for your area will pull up.

Read Sample Ballot For Milledgeville

Read Sample Ballot For Eatonton

Read Sample Ballot for Sandersville

Read Sample Ballot for Madison 

Read Sample Ballot For Macon


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Ellie Hicks is a junior at Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville. Ellie's passions are writing, social media, politics, and the Lord! After college, Ellie would like to work in politics doing public relations on capital hill or work for The Daily Wire alongside her hero, Ben Shapiro. Psalm 116.

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