Strength Like No Other

Strength Like No Other, Jemeria Cummings, Building Readers First, Middle Georgia Christian Voice

Recently, I attended a funeral of a childhood friend. With tears in my eyes, I watched as his mother stepped into the pulpit to share the memories of her only son with family and friends, and she said, “Lord, give me strength.”

At the end of her speech, she acknowledged she hadn’t intended to make it all the way through her message without crying. She celebrated and thanked God for giving her the strength to make it through. What a wonderful message!

In His Strength

There are situations in 2019 you will not be able to face alone. There are conversations you will go through you are not strong enough to initiate or get through. And there are goals you set then start, but cannot finish without God. Let Him be your strength. Ask Him to be your strength in your weakness. Let Him carry you through.

2 Corinthians 12:9 says, “And he said unto me,
My grace is sufficient for thee:
for my strength is made perfect in weakness.”

Perfect strength is what the Father has laid up to give you. He’s just waiting for you ask. Like he did for the grieving mother, He will also do for you, no matter the circumstance. When you ask, He will release. He will cover you with His grace. Trust in Him and let Him be your strength like no other.

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Jemeria Cummings is a Christian believer who loves leading others to Christ. She is a loving wife and mother of two. She obtained a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Georgia College and a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from Valdosta State University. She enjoys being a youth leader at her church and has a passion for helping others succeed. She is a new business owner of a tutoring company, Building Readers First.

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